Terms & Conditions

GPI Claims Ltd is a Claims Management Company and is authorised and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FRN 923826 ).

Below is our terms and conditions regarding and investment or pension claim. We have tried to make our terms and conditions as clear as possible. If you are unsure about anything please contact us either by phone or email and we can explain in more detail.

Client Requirements:

  • To provide all information/paperwork that I have in my possession to help GPI with my claim. Ideally documentation from the point of Sale.
  • By signing and return the Terms and Conditions supplied by GPI Claims Ltd you are confirming that you read and accept our term and conditions which you have received.  
  • The signed Letters of Authority will allow us to contact the advice provider on your behalf either for the purpose of requesting information or making a claim.
  • Allow GPI Claims Ltd to contact you by telephone, letter or email if required.
  • Not to enter into any agreements with my bank, financial adviser or company without first consulting GPI Claims Ltd.

GPI Claims will:

  • Gather information at the Initial contact regarding your investment, pension, loan or account enquiry.
  • Send you our Terms and Conditions together with Letters of Authority to sign and return.
  • On receipt of your signed Letters of Authority and Terms and Conditions we will contact the company that provided the advice or sold the product for any additional information we require.
  • Once we receive adequate information (ie. Fact Find, Recommendations Report, transaction history, account information etc) we will then be able to establish if a viable claim can be made.
  • A detailed report will be written and sent to the advice company in respect of a complaint for a mis-sold investment, pension, loan or account.
  • If the claim is successful you would then be contacted regarding the offer made by the company and if agreed you will be invoiced for our fee.

The above process would normally take 8 -12 weeks for completion. In certain cases, this process can take longer.

  • If your claim is unsuccessful, we have the option of pursuing the claim through the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS timescales will apply)

GPI claims will endeavour to keep you updated every step of the way. Once we receive back your signed Authority this will be confirmed and you will be updated regarding our progress within 6 weeks if not sooner.


GPI Claims can terminate this agreement at any time and no fee will be payable by you if we think there are no grounds for a claim or that your claim is unlikely to succeed. You have the right to cancel the contract at any time by telephone, email, in writing or in person to GPI Claims.  You have the right to cancel within 14 days of the Terms and Conditions being returned or any time prior to your complaint being submitted and you will not charged. If you cancel once your complaint has been submitted and as a result an offer of compensation is made, we will charge our full fee as detailed below.


I am aware that I can pursue a claim for a mis-sold Investment or pension myself directly with my bank or financial adviser free of charge and were required the services of the Financial Ombudsman free of charge. Financial Ombudsman Service: https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk. I am aware that in some instances I may receive a call from my bank or financial adviser to confirm the details of the claim submitted by GPI Claims.

Payment of our fee

GPI Claims require that you promptly pay our fee no later than 14 days after receipt of your compensation. If you have no intention of accepting the offer and we recommend that you do so you would still be liable for our fees on the amount offered if we believe it to be fair and reasonable. In the event that our fee remains unpaid we reserve the right to refer your case to third party Debt Collectors.

We work on a No Win, No Fee basisand you will only be charged our fee of20% plus VAT (total of 24%)of the NET amount of the compensation you receive. Below is an example of our fee for illustration purposes only as the fee you will have to pay maybe more or less than the illustration shown:

Below is an example for illustration purposes only:

NET Compensation

Our Fee at 20% + Vat (24% Total)

You will be left with